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SmartFTPPlayer - Download SmartFTPPlayer, versione 2.24

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You may have experienced disappointment after downloading a large file from an FTP. SmartFTPPlayer software will help you to preview files before downloading them. With SmartFTPPlayer you can:
- view MP3 files bitrate , performers' names, albums titles, compositions, genres, etc.;
- view AVI video and audio encoding characteristics and separate film frames;
- use the built-in player to listen to audio or watch video in most popular formats. MP3s, AVIs, and FLVs can be started from any point, not necessarily from the beginning;
- download selected parts of AVIs or FLVs, for example, a separate scene from a film or your favorite artist's performance on a show;
- view JPEG photos while downloading with an option to stop viewing at any moment;
- view ZIP and RAR contents and download any file included in an archive;
- open any FTP distributed file even if it's compressed in ZIP or RAR.

As compared to other popular FTP managers SmartFTPPlayer uses a bit more traffic but that will pay off handsomely as you'll be able to download only the music, films, and archived files that you really need. In other words, even before downloading you will know what you are going to download.
With SmartFTPPlayer it is possible to download the files (or parts of AVIs and MP3s) you want or send download links to other popular programs such as Download Master, Flash Get, Regent Deluxe, etc.
Version 2.0 in addition to common FTP functionality works with HTTP links allowing to access files on regular websites.



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